Having FUN at any age

Jun 29, 2020

I am so excited to be interviewing some amazing ladies about their journeys through healthy ageing. These interviews will be a part of the LIVE WITH SANDRA LEIGH Facebook LIVE series.

In this interview , I talk to  Krishna Everson, about her views on having FUN at any age, and  what it is that helps her to age healthy & well.

Krishna talked about making sure you 'do the thing' that you most love.  One of her greatest passions is rollerskating in the roller Derby, which she started at the ripe age of 50 , wow thats an inspiration right there. 

Roller Derby is what keeps her body strong and moving which is so in line with my belief about having a strong body helps us feel and look young. 

A huge part of Krishna's passion for fun is about the community that she plays with. This community plays a huge role in the quality of her life AND directly impacts on how much fun she has in her life.   She also gets to go roller skating with her daughter , Lilly , now thats a bonus  right ! how many of us TRUELY get to have that much fun with their children. ?
She also talks about hanging out with her teenage children as a way of keeping her young, on her feet and up to date with current events and the views of our younger I trust you will enjoy this girl chit chat on Ageing strong healthy , young AND FUN

FUTURE INTERVIEWS AND LIVES will be in the Facebook page SANDRA LEIGH TRAINING https://www.facebook.com/sandraleightraining/  and will take place every Monday night 7.30 PM EST. PLEASE join us for some awesome inspiration on how we can all live a better , healthier more exciting vibrant life. YAY :)big hugs 

Sandra Leigh 


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